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Marissa J. Ward

Marissa J. Ward

My experiences at Born Into Royalty are always different and never anything short of incredible. I have been in a number of shows designed by BIR, and I am consistently surprised and thrilled by the magic that happens when a sound designer is as passionate as the cast on stage. In the BIR studio, I have watched budding ideas, catchy tunes, and emotional stories grow into tangible, powerful musical products and vehicles of connection. No matter where you are in your artistic process, I encourage you to explore the ways you can develop your artistry with the vast skills, talent and opportunity BIR has to offer.

Who We Are

Strike Audio is a leading provider of exclusive, world-class music for television, advertising, and film. With 15 award-winning composers writing and producing full-time, our music airs somewhere around the world 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our Mission

At Strike, we know that the right music and sound design is key to elevating your work from good to great. By providing first-rate service and collaborating with you creatively, we will help you realize your project's potential and make it the best it can possibly be.

Why Strike?

Created by music-lovers, for music-lovers, Strike's ever-evolving catalogue features fresh, editor-friendly cues across the full spectrum of genres and music styles. Our innovative composers don't follow trends, they define them, adding thousands of new cues to our catalogue each year.