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Called 2 Duty: Modern Spiritual Warfare

Called 2 Duty: Modern Spiritual Warfare

This project is my 1st full album. I’ve produced for many artists and have been featured on many records, but never created my own personal body of work until now. My inspiration came from a ton of different things; personal experiences, world issues, strongholds, life threatening diseases, etc. I wanted to tackle the issues head on instead of running away from reality. Creatively, how do you generate a body of work that captures these tensions musically and sonically? You take an idea or thought, put a microscope on it and then put your foot on the gas.

The Born Into Royalty team came together and made what I feel is a “classic!” in this world of music. Tom, Freddy, & I spent countless hours in the studio creating, debating, laughing and arguing – hot or cold, rested or exhausted, to reach further and higher, setting a new standard.

Sonically I wanted my album to sound like a movie; Gladiator meets Jesus meets 90s-Early 2000s Hip Hop meets modern world propaganda and social issues. Seems like a stretch but we did it. Born Into Royalty is more than a few beat makers, we produce greatness. We are professionals in studio and out, our imaginative minds come together and create a sound unlike any other: distinct, fresh and fun, familiar but not the same at all. This album is going to send you into a different world and take you on a journey that may be the new face of the music industry.

— Tylyriq

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